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Q. I am quite surprised when I noted that sometimes your upper boundary of the global horizontal irradiation if higher than the clearsky irradiation. How can that be?  C., Switzerland.
From the global comparison made between Helioclim and the ground stations, some corrections are brought to the database values to reduce globally the bias. Some uncertainty results can be found here: link .
From all these comparisons, a classification (bins) of bias which mostly depends on the sun position in the sky is derived. These bins are then used to compute the lower and upper bounds of the GHI for the hour slot. With this algorithm, nothing guaranties that the upper bound is lower than the clear sky value and effectively, it happens that mostly for near clear sky days that the upper bound is higher than the clear sky value.
These bounds are intended to give an estimate of the error. Moreover, we do not feel entitled to limit the upper bound to the clear-sky value as this clear-sky value is itself a typical value of the clear-sky and not an assessment of the actual value.

Q. I launched a service. The screen remains empty. What To Do?
The service is using Java. Firstly, check that the browser is authorised to exploit Java. Go to "options", then "advanced" and check that the use of Java is enabled.
If yes, then check that Java is installed on your computer. If not, you may download the most recent version of JAVA (JRE) at the web site of the Sun Company.

logo_java Click on the logo on left. It takes 1 or 2 minutes and is completely automatic. No need to restart the computer. If it does not work, call the computer administrator.

Q. How to find a service in SoDa?
The services are listed and described in the item "Services" of the top menu, or in the item "list of services" of the left menu.
Another mean to find a service is to use the button "Search" (top right) and to search for a keyword in the SoDa Service. The search is performed by a Google tool.


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